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Our Services

Memorialization Services

Families choose to gather and celebrate the life of their loved one in our private chapel. It is the perfect place to honor, reminisce, share stories, and offer support to each other.  Outdoor accommodations are also available.

Cremation Services

Many individuals have questions regarding cremation. Whether for pre-planning or at the time of a loved one's death our Family Services Counselors can discuss the various options available.

Veterans' Memorials

We love honoring our veterans. Please note that the memorial is free to the veterans' family, but there is a need to pay for the installation.


We have the appropriate applications needed to apply for veteran memorial status.  The family of the veteran will need to complete the Claim for Government Medallion for Placement in a Private Cemetery Form and provide a copy of their military discharge documents DD Form 214 or equivalent discharge document to Knollwood Memorial Park Cemetery.

Memorials and Monuments

There are several options for memorializing your family member, including benches, cremation niches, columbariums, and traditional graves. We can also do a second rite of burial which means we will bury your loved one's cremated remains in the same place as their spouse or child.


You can order your loved one's memorial or monument through Knollwood Memorial Park Cemetery. Simply call us at 734-495-0400 to schedule an appointment. 

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