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Eliminate Stress and Save Money

One of the questions we are most often asked is, “Why is preplanning important?” The simple answers are: to save money and ensure your peace of mind, knowing that your wishes are carried out.

There are many details and decisions that need making before a burial is set. Pair this with the short timeline of planning final arrangements within two or three days. Unplanned planning adds another layer of significant stress and takes away from the time you have with family and friends remembering your loved one.


Preparing for the Future

For an individual or a couple, being able to make decisions with a clear mind is very important and it ensures they are being remembered the way they choose. It turns out the decisions they've made are a blessing for their loved ones when the time arrives.


Preplanners also avoid emotional overspending as well as locking in present day burial and cremation costs. These costs rise each year and double on everage every decade. Not only do you save money, you're also able to pay for the services up-front or be placed on an affordable payment plan.  


Five Important Action Steps

  • Start the discussion with your family today – Naturally we’re all reluctant to talk about death and final wishes. But it will be much easier to discuss it today, before the need arises, than later.  We've seen what stress is added once planning starts after a terminal diagnosis has been given. It's too hard on those closest to you. Do your planning in advance and save yourself and your family undue stress. 

  • Connect with a funeral home and log specific wishes in a planning guide – A planning guide will take you through the entire funeral process. How elaborate or simple you want your final service to be is up to you. Rest assured, the guide will prove to be an invaluable tool in preventing a lot of second guessing in the future.

  • Contact Knollwood Memorial Park Cemetery to preplan your burial wishes and memorialization.

  • Gather important documents and keepsakes together – We always advise our clients to keep their records in one spot and up-to-date in order to facilitate things when the time comes.

  • Let your family and friends know what you want – Inform those closest to you that you have made these decisions. You’ll feel better, and your loved ones will be relieved.

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 734-495-0400 to schedule your burial wishes today. 

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