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Death Has Occurred

Let us carry your load 

We are sorry to hear this news. Please know that we want to make the road ahead one which is easy to navigate and not overly time-consuming. 

Let's sit down as soon as you can and we'll walk you though the options that are available. Sure, there's some heavy lifting that needs to be done, but we're committed to helping you in this tough time.

Our commitment to you and your loved ones

We are not here to pass judgement on what you select for the upcoming funeral/celebration of life. We are here to help you examine the different options and to stick within a predetermined budget. Funeral arrangements and celebrations of life events can vary from simple to complex. Our goal is to ensure your loved one is honored in the way they would like. 


Things to do today

  • Schedule an appointment with one of our grief professionals – We will take you through the process quickly and help you make plans for the perfect event.

  • Gather important documents and keepsakes together  this is important for moving ahead. There will be lawyers, financial people and bankers who all need information about your loved one's history/wishes.  Having all of the important documents together will make the days ahead easier.

  • Let your family and friends know what's been planned – Ask them to share the load when it comes to participating in the service or providing food to celebrate your loved one's life. Clear, concise communication is what's needed most now. It will alleviate undue stress on you all.

  • Know that Knollwood Memorial's professionals have your very best interests at heart.

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 734-495-0400 to schedule an appointment with us today. 

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