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Death Is Near

It's Not Too Late to Plan

First off, we're very sorry to hear this news and we want to help you circumnavigate the road which lies ahead.

Perhaps the best place to start is taking a look at our pre-planning materials. We know you're under stress, but we feel that these materials can help you digest what decisions need to be made before death occurs.  


Ensuring Your Loved One's Wishes

Funeral arrangements and celebrations of life events can vary from simple to complex. We surmise that your mind may not be exactly clear at the present time. So let us guide you in helping you and your loved one make the best decisions for end of life.

Not only will we help you zero in on the individual's wishes, we will make sure that you avoid emotional overspending by second guessing their desires.


ThreImportant Action Steps

  • Log specific wishes in our planning guide (printed or online) – The Knollwood Planning guide will take you through the entire funeral process. How elaborate or simple you want your final service to be is up to you. Rest assured, the guide will prove to be an invaluable tool in preventing a lot of second guessing in the future.

  • Gather important documents and keepsakes together – We always advise our clients to keep their records in one spot and up-to-date in order to facilitate things when the time comes.

  • Let your family and friends know what you want – Inform those closest to you that decisions have been made and are planned. Not only will this take a huge amount of stress off your plate, your loved ones will benefit too. Use this time to celebrate what's left of your time together.

Fill out the contact form below or call us at 734-495-0400 to schedule an ppointment with us today. 

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